Bipasha Basu topless AD video on Youtube

The latest video that haunted Bipasha Basu is the topless AD being circulated throughout the Internet. It had turned out to the most talked about scandal in the week.  The ad shows Bipasha Basu’s breast and thighs for a few seconds as she gets dressed up for her wedding. In one of the scenes, she is also shown aesthetically nude from the behind. Vivek Oberoi is also there in the AD featuring as a prince who comes to marry her. The ad was for New York Lotto, a lottery company in the USA.  The tagline of the ad was ‘All You Need is a Dollar and a Dream’.

Bipasha Basu has admitted that she was topless in the ad.  However the AD was shot much before she came into mainstream film industry in India.

Video available for download on various websites and also hosted on Youtube.

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  1. Keanu says:

    I knew she she was cheap.

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